Deflektor motocyklowy T3 - miniaturka
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Deflector ADV Eco-Line T3 25 cm x 15 cm – MIDI


The T3 Touring motorcycle deflector is a solution that was created by merging all the deflectors, it is narrower than its touring brothers. It is distinguished by a narrower spacing of the mounting clamps. It is a very popular model often purchased as an alternative to the T1 model.

Product Description

The purpose of a motorcycle deflector manufactured by ADV is to break the momentum of the air in front of the motorcyclist so that the ride becomes comfortable and does not cause any additional inconveniences. As we know, making a lot of kilometers can sometimes be burdensome, especially when travelling at high speed. The deflector, by disturbing the momentum of air relieves our spine and significantly reduces the noise created while travelling.
Included is a full set: screen, clamps, knobs, stainless steel screws, hex key and instruction manual.

Additional Information

Weight 0.189 g
Dimensions 25 x 14.5 cm
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