A word of introduction.

Selecting the appropriate deflector translates to the subsequent satisfaction from driving. Please note that there are no single, correct settings for the deflector that will work well with all motorcycles. Every driver creates an individual and unique whole with their machine which is why our advice should be treated as suggestions and recommendations and not as rigid guidance.

The fundamental matter: the width of the deflector.


We offer 12 types of deflectors, available in 5 different widths. The widest of the offered products is 31 cm wide. The next standard widths are 30 cm and 25 cm. The last two of the possible options are 22 cm and 19.5 cm. So our choice will oscillate between the widths of 31 cm, 30 cm, 25 cm, 22 cm and 19.5 cm.

What should I do in order to correctly choose the optimal width?

Let’s pick up the measure and get to work. The first step we need to take is to measure the width of our motorcycle’s windscreen. The measurement should be taken about 2-3 cm below the highest point of the windscreen. It is very important to measure the screen on the outside on the curve and not in a straight line! Thanks to this measurement we get two very useful information:

  • We know the width of the windscreen deflector that we’ll eventually need
  • We know whether the deflector clamps will fit

The deflector shouldn’t be much wider than the motorcycle’s fairing.

Below you’ll find a “sizing” table

-Deflector with a width of 31-30 cm will be suitable for windscreens having a width of 27 cm or more
-Deflector with a width of 25 cm will be suitable for windscreens having a width of 22 to 27 cm
-Deflector with a width of 22-19.5 cm will be suitable for windscreens having a width of 15 to 25 cm

Stage 2. Deflector’s height.

Droga wiatru podczas podróży na motocykluThe next stage will allow us to narrow down the choice of the appropriate deflector. The height of the currently owned windscreen and the height of the driver and their driving position are a very important factor. Measuring all of this may seem a bit complicated. Fortunately, at this stage no one will be forced to take any measurements or perform any calculations. We will use a more practical method and our experience: the deflector should be selected in such a way that its highest edge is at the tip of our nose. This can be easily checked using our fitting templates. It should be noted that each deflector overlaps the windscreen about 2-3 cm.

In cases there is no possibility of using the templates, we can rely on our own feelings while driving without a deflector. When we feel gentle turbulence, or when a slight nod of the head is enough to make driving quieter and comfortable, shorter deflectors should be chosen. When turbulence is high and slightly bending the head doesn’t change much, taller models of deflectors should be chosen.

Very useful deflectors templates.

Templates should be downloaded and printed with the “scale” and “fit to page” options unchecked. If you don’t do this, the templates will not have the right dimensions!

The longest side of an A4 sheet is about 29 cm while our deflector has a dimension of 30 cm so realistically it will be slightly larger than the sheet.

After printing the template, it must be cut out and applied to the windscreen of the motorcycle. Please note the marked lines suggesting the deflector overlapping the motorcycle’s windscreen. For this operation, we will need a second person. The driver should take a position in which they are going to travel while the assistant applies the template to the screen. This way, we will check to see if the height of the deflector will be suitable. Using this method we also check whether the width is adequate and whether the clamps will be in suitable spots.

Below you’ll find templates that can be downloaded and printed out:

Enduro E1 Enduro E2

Travel T1 Travel T2 Travel T3

When printing the templates, you must DESELECT the “fit to page” option. See picture above.

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