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Welcome to the website of a manufacturer of motorcycle deflectors. Our products have proven themselves in practice on several continents, travelling on the windscreens of: touring, enduro and sports motorcycles, as well as choppers and scooters. What motivates us is your satisfaction with our products, thus we only offer you proven and sophisticated solutions of the highest quality.

Motorcycles are our passion!

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You don’t know which deflector you should choose?

We’ve prepared a special article designed to help you select the optimal deflector for your motorcycle. Many factors influence the overall results of the deflector’s work. A comprehensive description of selecting the fairing for your motorcycle’s windscreen can be found at:

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Your motorcycle’s windscreen isn’t as effective as it might seem?

Droga wiatru podczas podróży na motocyklu

Do you experience discomfort in the form of excessive gusts of wind when driving a motorcycle? Is air being reflected from the windscreen straight to your helmet with full force? Experiences like these aren’t very pleasant. As we all know riding a motorcycle should be a pleasure, it should get our adrenaline going and contort our mouths with ear to ear grins ;). But how can you smile when the noise caused by an excessive air blasts hitting us right in the face prevents us from travelling and causes excessive fatigue of cervical muscles. So we start fidgeting, i.e. we change the position on the seat, start to lean more, etc. While it’s true that we will indeed get rid of the wind by hiding behind the original windscreen of the motorcycle, travelling in an unnatural, forced position is not a much better option.
So what’s left? We can choose from three different solution, only one of which is effective and legitimate:
-Stop riding the beloved motorcycle
-Buy an accessory windscreen for the motorcycle which, in many cases, won’t work anyway
-Buy our original, universal ADV DEFLECTOR

What is a “windscreen deflector”?
A deflector for a motorcycle is simply an additional fairing, attached to the original windscreen of your motorcycle. This windscreen fairing breaks the momentum of the air in front of you and raises it up, eliminating the annoying noise, turbulence, gusts of wind. You ride in a natural position that’s comfortable for you, in silence, hearing the engine of your bike instead of unpleasant noise.

What should be the ideal deflector be like?
An ideal fairing for your motorcycle’s windscreen should be light. Weight is of great importance – a deflector that is too heavy can damage the original windscreen of the motorcycle. Therefore, our deflectors are ultra lightweight, weighing from 150 grams to 250 grams, depending on the model. Moreover, an ideal deflector should be adjusted to the angle of the windscreen of the motorcycle, which is why our fairings are made of materials matching the angle of your windscreen. That’s not all, the ability to make additional adjustments such as adjusting the angle or height of the deflector is also important. The largest windscreen angle adjustment available on the market is as high as 45 degrees and is available only in our ADV deflectors! Moreover, our products are made from the finest materials, resistant to shock, stress, temperature and rust (stainless steel screws). This is why you will choose our universal ADV deflector for your motorcycle and you’ll enjoy a comfortable ride!